Dress Codes

A Bucharest Fashion Film Festival Podcast Series

Dress Codes Podcast

In times when the power of visual media has been unleashed, commodities have exploded and dress codes have become more diverse as individual expression is favored over hierarchical expression, it seems like it’s been long due for us to scrutinize the meaning of our clothing.

Artist Grayson Perry has once said that “our clothes are in part a visual vocabulary that communicates how we want to be treated, we invest in looks that facilitate the styles of relationships we desire.” We negotiate this vocabulary between social constraints and our many forms of desire- sexual, hierarchical, aesthetical. Our choice of clothing oscillates between our need to belong and our need to stand out. We may not have realised until now that in choosing our clothing we simultaneously use them as masks and as tools of expression, constantly moving from conformity to creativity.

Episode 1

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