Similar to the way fashion works as a crutch to our efforts to influence the social projection of an idealised version of our identity, its own projection is extremely glamourized and its internal mechanisms are camouflaged under prepackaged one-liners. Nevertheless, as philosophers consider the growing irrelevance of the concept of authenticity in a postmodern world, in a fashion world dominated by consumer capitalism, authenticity has become a favourite catchphrase.

Six artists were invited to question the authenticity jargon and to expose the cracks of the fashion system from various perspectives: either by dissecting its specific language and its internal mechanisms or by examining clothing’s socio-political affiliations.

Artists: Apparatus 22, Robert Antoniac , Anca Maria Cojocaru, Giulia Crețulescu, Maria Guță & Lauren Huret,  Lucian Varvaroi

A critical look at the links between fashion & authenticity

23.09 – 14.11

National Museum of Conteporary Arts