Based on a True Story: A Collective Investigation

Artists: Apparatus 22, Robert Antoniac , Anca Maria Cojocaru, Giulia Crețulescu, Maria Guță & Lauren Huret,  Lucian Varvaroi

A critical look at the links between fashion & authenticity

23.09 – 14.11

National Museum of Conteporary Arts

Some of the artists propose new frameworks of looking at the fashion and beauty industry by questioning the communication practices they employ and examining their impact, which often translates into various degrees of linguistic and cognitive violence. The phenomenon of over-hyped celebrities and the use of the “ viral” type formats, the over utilisation of language in describing an imagined, promised land by megabrands, stereotypes of masculinity or the way in which the media representation of women impacts the collective psyche are some of the subjects touched upon. Others explore personal spaces, investigating commercial mechanisms aimed at assimilating personal histories or recording the lyrical materiality of clothing in relation to the body.  This collage of contemplative or analytical perspectives is an attempt at generating a new framework through which to rethink authenticity and its links to fashion and clothing.