Dressing the body

Dressing the body

Digital video platform NOWNESS reveals the empowering potential of fashion in a global programme of short films. Moving between Chengdu and Sardinia, Amman and Texas, this curation is a celebration of self-styled identities and the cultural codes stitched into our clothes.

Portrait of a Tokyo Rockabilly

Director / James Partridge

Country / Japan, United Kingtom

Year / 2017

Runtime / 6'

One of the last of Tokyo’s Rockabillys, Johnny Jeana keeps 50s Americana alive in the heart of Tokyo. In this film, we delve into Japan’s Rockabilly culture and Johnny’s dreams of superstardom.

The Fabric of You

Director / Josephine Lohoar Self

Country / USA

Year / 2019

Runtime / 13'

Set in the Bronx, in the era of 1950s McCarthyism, everybody wants to look the same. Michael a gay, twenty-something-year old mouse, hides his true identity while he works as a tailor. When Isaac enters the shop one day he offers the escapism and love Michael craves. In Michael’s confined apartment, he becomes tormented by the memories of Isaac’s tragic death. Michael’s memories and flashbacks are triggered when he notices Isaac’s jacket draped on the back of a chair. Haunted by the solace Isaac once offered, he struggles to come to terms with his loss.


Director / Louis Ellison & Jacob Hodgkinson

Country / USA, Japan

Year / 2016

Runtime / 7' 31"

Chicano is an exploration of the similarities and differences between Chicano culture in Americaand Japan, and how the scene is not all about gang culture, but has a deep-seated root in family values.

Can't Stop Me Anymore

Director / Liudmila Bredikhina & Agnès Giard

Country /

Year / 2020

Runtime / 10'

This short film is a poetic tribute to the desired identities. Can’t Stop “Me” Anymore is a synthetic parade of people, virtual beings, and even robots, who changed into characters – made from videos on YouTube and Twitter – reflecting the aspirations and creativity of those involved in the social networks. Fashion, digital, virtual, or physical, enter the realm of the imaginary as individuals become more than human, as they become their desired “me.”

Mr Zoot Suit

Director / Chan'Cellore Makanjuola

Country / USA

Year / 2018

Runtime / 16' 13"

After putting his dreams on hold, a university housekeeping supervisor follows his passion for dancing and educating others about the history of the zoot suit.

Beauty Boys

Director / Florent Gouelou

Country / France

Year / 2020

Runtime / 17'

In a small village, Leo, 17 years-old, has a strong taste for make-up. His big brother, Jules, who fears to be laughed at, stands against this passion. On the night of the open stage, Leo shows up in full drag…