MENNA LAURA MEIJER / / Olanda / 2017 / 99’

Apr 13th, 20.00
Cinema Elvire Popesco, Bd Dacia 7

We Margiela tells the untold story of enigmatic and singular fashion house Maison Martin Margiela. For the first time, co-founder Jenny Meirens and the the members of the creative team that stood at the heart of the house talk extensively about the creative processes and the unique philosophies of the maison.The film investigates the house’s legacy by exploring notions of creativity, authorship and financial return in our neoliberal times. Interviews reveal that now iconic images and ideas of the maison came into being by coincidence and intuition and that the house was run based on strong gut feelings and a deep commitment to taking risks. As co-founder Meirens states: “When you want to please others and everyone, you will get nowhere. I think you have to diversify yourself from the others. In the long run it will give you the freedom not to answer to the system.” The documentary reveals insights from the house’s groundbreaking trail, among which the story behind the white label tag and the four stitches, the most brilliant subversion of the idea of status in designer fashion to this day or the infamous 1997 show where the collection was unveiled in three different locations around Paris with models in wigs ferried from place to place on a rented bus accompanied by a Belgian brass band.