The Day I Became a Woman

Marziyeh Meshkiny / / Iran / 2000 / 78'

Sunday, 26.09, 18.30

Cinema Elvire Popesco

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This film is episodic and it consists of 3 stories about the women’s situation in Iran. First story: Hava One morning a small girl named Hava wakes up and notices that she has become a woman because she is now 9 years old and playing in the streets with the boys is considered a sin from that day on. Hava cries and asks her grandmother to go to the street for one last goodbye with the boys. Second story: Ahoo This episode is about a young lady whom participates in the women’s bicycle race with her black traditional chador (veil) and her husband, while riding a horse, threatens to divorce her if she doesn’t get off the bicycle. Third story: Houra This episode is about an old woman whom has inherited some money during the last years of her life after years of poverty and now she has decided to spend all the money before she dies and to buy all the stuff that she always wished to buy during her life.