VĚRA CHYTILOVÁ / / Czech Republic / 1966 / 79'

Apr 14th, 20:00 – 21:15
Cinema Elvire Popesco, Bd Dacia 77

Banned by Czech authorities upon its release for “depicting the wanton”, the film presents the story of two female friends, both called Marie and fashionably dolled-up, playing a game of escorts. As Nicolas Rapold states in The New York Times, “the extraordinary 1966 film ‘Daisies’ represents an exhilarating, lesser-known strain of the Czech New Wave. This radically mischievous work was the second feature of the wave’s sole female director, Vera Chytilova. In her visually arresting, capricious film — full of colorful experiments, dazzling collage effects and surrealist antics — two dangerously bored young women have anarchic fun in a series of loosely connected episodes.”