What are the main topics that get you jazzed up these days?

Recycling, upcycling, caring in general 🙂 costumes and decor related topics are still there on the list, ofc, but nothing surprising there 🙂

If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be and why?

Sonia and me are just the opposite. There are individuals that are committed to one style only, and that style gets unfolded in the way they dress, arrange their homes and if they are scenographers, in the way they express aesthetically. But what we enjoy most actually is being able to try on different characters, we love the eery feeling of minimalism but can’t stay there too long. We love the act of doing a complex composition with a lot of elements, we are colour addicts, and we enjoy change in general. So to answer your question, we can be anything, a white crisp shirt sounds awesome, just like 100 coloured shirts turned into a couture dress. As a brand, the production houses we work with recommend us as being the girls who can do any type of job passionately, from bank commercials, to futuristic movies, to theatre plays, hip eclectic visuals, and of course all the retro that comes.

What is your interdisciplinary dream project?

Since we are both costume designers and production/set designers, interdisciplinary comes with the job already. But since we recently finished shooting a movie with an international team, we found it interesting that in some film schools students go through projects where they exchange responsibilities. The producer becomes the costume designer for example. The DOP becomes the set decorator. It’s an exercise they do to effectively understand how the team can be as professional as possible. When you are wearing the other’s shoes you can better understand their needs and your responsibilities.

What are the perks of working in Eastern Europe?

It’s still a market that is taking shape, and for a beginner it is easier to get inside the system. But the standards are as high as anywhere else, with a lower budget and this forces professionals to improvise more. This can be either good or bad, though.

What is a fashion film you find intriguing?

It’s more about the fashion of the film, and it’s Only Lovers Left Alive. Just from the top of our heads.

What is a fashion film you find intriguing?