What are the main topics that get you jazzed up these days?

Talking about my cats, watching food shows, contemplating a better future, creating new work, FOMO.

If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be and why?

I would probably be an oversized basic sweatshirt, nice cozy material, soothing colour – not too regular, not too fancy. I just like sweatshirts, they look and feel good, everybody needs them.

What is your interdisciplinary dream project?

I don’t think I have a dream project like this, the dream is just to be surrounded by people with different skills and putting their minds together for whatever project. The process is more rewarding than the result. I feel like everything is interdisciplinary nowadays.

What are the perks of working in Eastern Europe?

It’s a special part of the world, bitter-sweet home. It has its own poetry and I guess that comes out in all of the content produced here. People outside of this bubble see it as being exotic, special, they’ve developed a taste for it. That can be seen as an advantage, the world has a special interest in the work created here and the artists have the freedom to manipulate this reality as they wish. And it’s much cheaper to produce.

What is a fashion film you find intriguing?

I don’t watch a lot of fashion films, per se, just the occasional ones that pop up on my feed. I’d rather watch cinema with good fashion in it, that’s what inspires me. However, I like the work of Tyrone Lebon, Harley Weir. And this film by Zoe Ghertner, I think it’s endearing.

What is a fashion film you find intriguing?