What are the main topics that get you jazzed up these days?

Current schedule:

Using words printed on leaves trying to make people aware of the official plan to alter the existing layout of Cișmigiu Park. Maybe these leaves will be bound together as a conceptual book, maybe they will be bound as the Tree of Knowledge, who knows?

The climate change and the data cloud leaks, is that a coincidence? Working hard to turn this idea into a popular internet conspiracy. Soon on an Insta filter near your greedy digits.

My mother’s health.

The sequel to the adventures with my imaginary friend Rambo in the mid-90s, written for Kajet magazine.

How to stay sustainable & optimistic in late capitalism.

A work-in-progress wearable fashion installation about the endlessness of streetwear, in collaboration with Lana Dumitru.

Joe Pera Talks with You.

Trying to reconcile with one of my split personalities being a nano-influencer.

Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson.

If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be and why?

An Adidas tracksuit with 3,14 stripes. Because I am very constant.



What is your interdisciplinary dream project?

Songwriting for the music of the spheres.

What are the perks of working in Eastern Europe?

Similar to those of working in the economically underdeveloped parts of Alpha Centauri. I find the everlasting chaos first inspiring, then dispiriting, then inspiring. Repeat.

What is a fashion film you find intriguing?