What are the main topics that get you jazzed up these days?

Well, i guess i’m more into how the world really is. I’m catching up on science, journalism and thinkers that sort of try to figure out a way to integrate these new realities into our culture, art and traditions.

If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be and why?

I’d be a poncho. Somehow i cover and uncover at the same time, hahahhahaha.

What is your interdisciplinary dream project?

Wow. I’d like it to be something sciencey, something in which the art i make is not hijacked by communication objective, PR or advertising. Actually, if i come to think about it, the best interdisciplinary project would be achieved by excluding a discipline, that somehow made its way into everything. yep. It’s PR.

What are the perks of working in Eastern Europe?

Very few. But i guess you can always make the argument that obstructions and various things that you lack make you stronger and more creative. so there’s the perk of motivation, but i think it has quite a tradeoff on our nerves and general wellness. Eastern Europe is very rich in traditions, habits and a way of thinking that could clearly inspire someone; but for how long?

What is a fashion film you find intriguing?

I think i’m gonna go with Springbreakers. The disruption brought by rap culture is something that makes fashion sort of spread out into new formats and communities. I am curious to see Eastern European fashion culture adopt or tweak some rap clothes and lifestyles.

What is a fashion film you find intriguing?