Cineconcert - Inferno Unseen

HENRI-GEORGES CLOUZOT / / France/UK / 2017 / 60’

Apr 13th, 21.00 – 22.00
Cinema Elvire Popesco, Bd Dacia 77

Introduced by festival curator Marketa Uhlirova and artist Rollo Smallcombe, Henri-George Clouzot’s The Inferno, is one of the most tantalizing uncompleted projects in film history. The Inferno Unseen is a newly edited assemblage of rushes filmed in 1964. With his cinematographers Andréas Winding, Armand Thirard, and Claude Renior, Clouzot staged seemingly endless wardrobe and screen tests – often combined with abstract kinetic and optical experiments – that primarily focused on Schneider performing simple, seductive actions in carefully composed mises-en-scène. Departing from Serge Bromberg’s critically acclaimed documentary about the making of Clouzot’s film (2009), The Inferno Unseen focuses solely on Clouzot’s intoxicating visions, allowing them to build their own momentum as they unfurl in all their glory.