VR Corner

Apr 11th – Apr 12th, 16.00 – 20.00

Apr 13th – Apr 14th, 14.00 – 20.00

From New York to Australia, stopping through Senegal, the selection of VR films explores a series of inner landscapes and dreamlike experiences, approaching gender issues, local communities, mythology and the power of movement. By use of technology, the user becomes truly immersed in these scenarios and as “an audience of one” is involved at a much higher degree. By organising a Virtual Reality Corner in partnership with Promenada, the festival opens a discussion on the use of new media and technologies in film and in the creative process, building on the benefits that technology brings to a fashion film from the point of view of texture, movement and sequencing.



Director / -

Fashion Brand / Barneys

Country / USA

Runtime / 1 m

D.O.A: The Future of Fashion is Queer and Weaponised

Director / Rowan Yeomans, Niamh Galea, André Shannon, Blake Wilson and Jack Jen Atherton

Fashion Brand / Niamh Galea, Peta Tornaros, Gina Snodgrass

Country / Australia

Runtime / 3 m 52 s

The Other Dakar

Director / Selly Raby Kane

Fashion Brand / no brand

Country / South Africa

Runtime / 7 m

Nairobi Berries

Director / Ng'endo Mukii

Fashion Brand / no brand

Country / Kenya

Runtime / 8 m