Talk: What is Fashion Film?

This recently crystallized genre has known a rapid ascent, powered by the development and the growing popularity of video platforms and has the potential of generating a new consumption pattern, which focuses on concept by means of cinematographic tools. It often sits at the crossroads of advertising and arthouse films, redefining the relationship between form and function. We’ll be touching upon the use of fashion film and its potential to change the fabric of the fashion industry, the way a fashion film can shape the customer’s perception on the actual clothes and the amount of resources necessary to produce such a film.
If you are a filmmaker, emerging fashion designer, branding wizard or simply have  passion for fashion and film, this is the place to be.  

Shelley Jones, video commissioner NOWNESS || Barna Nemethi, photographer and filmmaker|| Anton and Damian Groves, co-founders of Studioset

Saturday, 13.05, 12.00, The Institute

Talk: The Business of Fashion

The discussion will focus on the issues local designers are facing in setting up and running a fashion label, following the route of a product, from sketch to retail, passing through product development, production and merchandising.  We’ll be tackling  the timeline of a garment or accessory, trying to figure out solutions to overcome the deficiencies of the local system, touching upon pricing , market positioning, customer service and other challenges faced by newcomers.

Vicki Nicola, managing partner My Media Branded Content and collaborator for various fashion magazines such as The One and Harper’s Bazaar || Ioana Nicolescu, fashion editor Forbes Life and founder of Code Noir Style || Andrei Morariu and Bogdan Costea, co-founders Optimef ||Veronica Zaharia, designer Parlor  

Sunday, 14.05, 13.30, The Institute

Talk: On Diversity in Fashion

Ethnic and age diversity, positive body image and gender fluidity are subjects that have recently attracted more and more media coverage and the international and local public`s attention, owing to various influential events, such as Pirelli changing its focus towards powerful  women or the launch of body positive Barbie. Building on this moment, in which fashion demonstrates its ability to synchronize and even provoke social change, the panel talk will set up to explore issues such as the representation of women in media, female objectification in fashion, the impact of rigid beauty standards on media consumers and gender fluidity within the fashion system.

Valentina Iancu, curator at Romanian National Museum of Art|| Raluca Roșu, fashion stylist and blogger at || other guests to be confirmed

Sunday, 14.05, 15.00,The Institute