Bucharest Fashion Film Festival Preview

 As part of the Romanian Design Week 2016 circuit, the exhibition presented a sample of experimental cinema from the field of the international fashion scene. The public was able to delve into the insides of the fashion industry by exploring a dynamic textile labyrinth which hosted looping projections of shorts relevant for the genre of fashion film.
Developed in collaboration with multimedia artist Cristiana Cott Negoescu, the installation presented in a silent cinema regime 12 shorts commissioned for brands set at the forefront of the international fashion scene, ranging from up-and-coming designers to more established brands. The selection centered around the production of alternative aesthetics in the form of countercultural and postcolonial representations of identities, bodies and styles.Therefore, by use of screenings and special events, the festival supports thought-provoking ideas, reinforced by strong voices, diversity in representation and a realist approach of the industry. The screenings aim to intrigue and stir the imagination of the public by questioning the status quo of contemporary fashion.