Bucharest Fashion Film Festival
Bucharest Fashion Film Festival, the first festival in Romania at the intersection of fashion, film and branding aims to become a discussion forum on the relationship between fashion and film by means of screenings, debates and special events. Combining the best in contemporary fashion films with a selection of documentaries and cult films, the festival offers a variety of perspectives on the fashion industry, addressing issues such as diversity and sustainability in the fashion system, the role of clothing pieces in a museum collection, cultural appropriation or the status of the designer and model through the decades
What is a fashion film?
A fashion film is a short film which aims to present a brand’s collection, but can often involve many designers as well and which gravitates around fashion, either as a central character or as a background feature. This recently crystallized genre has known a rapid ascent, powered by the development and the growing popularity of video platforms and has the potential of generating a new consumption pattern, which focuses on concept by means of cinematographic tools. It often sits at the crossroads of advertising and arthouse films, redefining the relationship between form and function.

2019 Edition: 11-14 april, Bucharest, Romania


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Cinema Elvire Popesco, Teatrul Odeon, FIX | Botanical Bar & Promenada


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